Delicious Deli

Did You Know we will cook your deli pizza if you call ahead to tell us when you need it, or while you shop?

Did You Know that all our hoagies are made Fresh daily in our stores?

Did You Know all our chicken is fried or baked Fresh in our stores several times daily?

Did You Know we make party trays? Fruit, meat, meat and cheese, vegetable…

Did You Know we make a variety of hot meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

We’ve had Soup Bars in our stores for 20 years… 3-4 varieties plus our signature chili made Fresh daily.

Our deli offers the best meats, cheeses & other goodies to satisfy your needs. Looking for a meat, cheese or produce tray for your next event? Ask one of our experts today - they can help you decide what to get and how much you will need.



Our signature “Killer Hoagies” feed 4-6 people!!

We make Friedman’s Freshmarkets fried chicken with Fresh chicken, never frozen, and we never use trans fats!!

We will cut to order any of your deli needs quickly and to your liking.

Ask what’s cooking!!

  • Breakfast to Go
  • Hot pizza to Go
  • Soup of the Day
  • Meal Deal of the Day

Can't find what you are looking for?
Just let us know and we will find or order it for you.

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